About the Autism Taskforce


The S.M.A.R.T. Program
​facilitates the autism Evaluations in Grays Harbor

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School Medical Autism Review Teams Statewide! (S.M.A.R.T.)

Where are you located?
​We are housed at The Arc of Grays Harbor in Aberdeen, Washington. The Arc of Grays Harbor is an established, non-profit community center, reaching our rural area with resources and supports for those of all ages living with disabilities. The Autism Task Force organizes communication between physicians’ sites and provides a central location for evaluation services in our rural area. The S.M.A.R.T. program is part of the Autism Task Force; the program members performing assessments and accompanying diagnoses are from individual practice sites. 

How is your evaluation team structured?
Our team is one of six SMART teams in Washington state, who work to bring more immediate access to autism evaluation and referral for Applied Behavior Analysis services for Medicaid patients. School, medical, and developmental records are accessed during the evaluation process. At this time, our evaluation team is comprised of a supervising Licensed Clinical Psychologist from Olympia, Washington, 2 Center of Excellence credentialed physicians in Grays Harbor, and psychometrists in Grays Harbor and Pacific County; other active program participants include: Arc of Grays Harbor staff, behavior analysts, secretaries, physician interns, community nurses and community volunteers. 

 What makes Grays Harbor's SMART program unique?
Greater Grays Harbor’s team is sharing the lead in the use of 21st Century technology and accessible community education. We offer highly accessible education courses for autism, resources, and basic behavioral science.  At this time, our program’s evaluation completion rate is about 3 months, from the time of referral. We are fortunate to have an experienced Licensed Clinical Psychologist providing consultation and supervision during the evaluation process, supporting cases in both private practice and clinic-based Center of Excellence sites. Our team members share a passion to show excellence in practice; they eagerly participate in state-wide collaboration as possible and receive feedback from autism specialists.

How are you funded? 
At this time, we are primarily self-funded through fund raising efforts and donations from our community. Private pay evaluation fees contribute to our funds as well. We have been previous recipients of grants from the University of Washington. Molina has also generously provided funding for some of our assessment credentialing. With the exception of our primary autism expert consultant, the team members volunteer their services. It is estimated 2,800 volunteer hours were accumulated in 2018.

How do referrals work*?
At this time, there are 3 avenues for evaluation. 

Medicaid (ages 1-21):
1. Referral to the program directly from Jessica Jurasin, ARNP, Center of Excellence [COE] provider at Summit Pacific Medical Center
2. Referral for an autism evaluation consultation . The patient's PCP refers to Dr. Sean White, Center of Excellence [COE] in Aberdeen, Washington. Click here to access autism evaluation referral forms from medical providers.

General Evaluation (all ages, private pay or private insurance)
3. Self-Referral for evaluation. $500 fee. Premera/Regence is accepted as well. Contact Tess Lawson at the Arc of Grays Harbor to coordinate a self-pay referral evaluation. 360-537-7000

*While we desire to accept all local referrals for autism evaluation, our resources are limited. All referrals will be considered on a case to case basis, and not all referrals will result in evaluation. Referrals to a COE will not interfere with regular PCP designation, as it is considered a consultation and does not require a change in PCP

I am a physician and want be a team participant. How to I get credentialed to diagnose autism using this collaborative model? 
To learn more about our program, or if you are interested in joining our team, please contact Tess Lawson. The SMART program members meet together on the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 5:30-6:30PM at Summit Pacific Medical Center. We exchange resources and information, ask questions, gain feedback about autism cases, sign evaluation reports, and meet remotely with autism experts. At this time, Center of Excellence training is provided free of charge for MD’s and pediatric ARNP’s through a collaboration with DOH, HCA, and Seattle Children’s Hospital. There are a trainings throughout the year in Washington state. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.