The Disability Movement Coalition.

Uniting Voices, Empowering Lives

The Disability Movement Coalition

Starting September 2023

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When: The third Tuesday of the month

Time: From 4 - 5 pm

Where: via Zoom



What is the Disability Movement Coalition?

The Disability Movement Coalition a group of people that promote a better future in the community for all individuals with developmental and or intellectual disabilities in Grays Harbor County. The Coalition utilizes the power and expertise of individuals with intellectual/ developmental disabilities, family members and interested individuals in our community to inform and educate legislators so that they can in turn make informed decisions about the issues that have an impact on the lives of individuals with disabilities and their families.

Who should be a part of the Disability Movement Coalition?

  • People with intellectual and or developmental disabilities
  • Family members of a person with a disability
  • Caregivers, supported living, employment, community access providers, and educators
  • Interested community members

Why should I be a part of the Disability Movement Coalition?

  • You will find people who have walked the walk and can help you in organizing your voice and be heard on issues important to you.
  • Individuals can be a strong, nonpartisan voice for all people with developmental disabilities and their families.  The coalition informs individuals about legislation being considered in Olympia that may affect people with disabilities and their families. You can help other individuals become effective participants in the legislation process at whatever level they are comfortable.
  • Work with other Parent and Family Coalitions around the state to help inform and educate legislators on the successes and the challenges that people with intellectual/developmental disabilities and their family are experiencing.

What does the Coalition do?

  • Helps individuals find their voice!
  • Distributes pertinent up-to date information on issues before local, state and national government that affect people with developmental disabilities and their families by  means of mailings, e-mail alerts and meetings.
  • Provides information on how the legislative process works and how your voice can make a difference. 
  • Trains individuals on how they can  connect with legislators by phone, e-mail or writing a letter to inform and educate them about issues  that affect their daily lives. The more our elected officials understand about the issues, the easier it will be for them to make informed decisions.
  • Assists individuals in becoming effective participants in the legislative process during the state‚Äôs legislative session (January through April)
  • Hosts Legislative meetings that assist individuals in educating and informing legislators and others on the needs of people with developmental disabilities

Disability Movement Coalition Schedule

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